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What if I said you could attract like minded wonderful clients easily..



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What would change in your business if that was true?


… If instead of confusion around WHO you are and WHAT you are, you have absolute clarity?

… If you no longer hold back on your content and marketing because you’re no longer unsure what to say?

… If instead of hiding away, you have the confidence to show up as the real you?

… If all your marketing efforts feel in flow, instead of being fuelled by hustle?

… If people finally started realising how awesome your offers are?

… If you finally felt like you were getting a return on all your efforts, instead of wallowing in yet another disappointment?

Imagine being the lighthouse stood there shining,  attracting an audience of buyers 

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Let The Power of Your Brand® take you to the next level of growth with ease and flow

Did you know that having a powerful brand helps you make way more sales with way less effort?

Yep, and that’s just one of the benefits. It goes so much further than that.

Takes all the overwhelm out of your marketing, your copy and your content.

Creates a true brand story (not just a sob story).

Stops you second guessing your brand, your business and your audience. 

Makes you confident in your vision and your messaging.

Elevates your brand, your fees, your money mastery and your mindset.

A powerful brand will give you more impact, more influence and more income - FACT! 

#brandingiseverything because it magnetises:

Ease and flow

Aligned clients

Confidence online

More sales

Next level business growth

A business built on values

Increased expert status

More return on your efforts

I’m so sick of seeing spectacular business owners get minimal results


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I believe that someone as special as you should have access to something as special as this. It’s a match made in heaven.

With over twenty years of experience working with big brands, leading agencies and running my own brand consultancy, I know how to get to the heart of your business to gain results. 

As a brand coach & strategist, I believe that every business has a unique brand superpower, that special something that sets you apart. It can be tough enough trying to articulate who and what you are, so trying to uncover that sparkling diamond –  your unique selling point – can be near impossible to figure out yourself. 

My brand superpower is extracting that special something in a way that will connect with your audience, that will make you stand out from the sea of sameness and harness your brand truth.

This is my gift, my intuition and experience of building brands.  I bring together my industry experience, with my insightful coaching skills and talent for drawing out of people that special something that is the essence of their brand.

But people just don’t put the work into their brands. There’s no strategy. No consistency.


And that’s why you end up with a branding mish mash.

... Your content sounds like marketing fluff 

... You’re mixing and matching all sorts of messaging

... You like “playing around” with colour and font

... Your website and social channels are like chalk and cheese

... You’ve dabbled with different designers, and now your Frankenstein branding feels too overwhelming to fix.

You may have spent years and years trying all the tutorials, all the tactics, all the tricks, waiting to see what sticks with the only real result being a business that doesn’t reflect who you truly are.

You may have no brand at all - you’ve relied on word of mouth so far, but deep down you know that’s not the key to growth.

You may have blanded your brand, by trying to fit in with your industry, or by hiring a designer who made you look like all their other clients, or you jumped on a trend that has you drowning in a sea of sameness.

Just imagine how you’d feel if your brand did all the hard work for you. All the audience building. All the client attraction. All the selling.

There’s a MUCH better way to build a brand that you (and your audience) will fall in love with…

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The Power of Your Brand is a unique 8-week brand transformation experience for visionary entrepreneurs who want to become known as THE expert, THE thought leader and THE influencer in their niche, and attract a buying audience filled with people they love.

It’s a blend of 1:1 deep dive sessions, group mastermind meetings and expert training from me and a handful of top online influencers.

Imagine having someone show you STEP-BY-STEP how to create an irresistible brand, from building the foundations, and digging into what makes you you, and your audience them, to launching your brand new look online.

If you’re sitting there reading this, thinking “Oh my God, I need this!” then you’re going to love The Power of Your Brand® 

We kick off Friday 28th February for the welcome party! 

The 8 modules include:

Creating Brand you!

We’ll deep dive into what you want from your business, what you stand for and how you want to show up. 

The power of your purpose, values and brand personality

We'll be exploring the who and what you do and why should your audience care. 

Research and planning: dream client/competitors & Marketplace / USP – your superpower

Brands can’t be built on guesswork, I’ll make sure we uncover what matters in your business so we can gain meaningful insights.

Strategy; The brand model - pulling it all together

How creating the strategy can help shape your business and how to use the brand model as your business blueprint. 

Your visual ID, bringing your strategy to life & Moodboard Mastery

I'll be teaching you how to bring your brand model to life and show you how to create a moodboard not just for fun to shape your visual identity 

Logos, DIY, working with designers and creative direction

The do’s and don’t of creating a visual Identity for your business and the psychology behind it, plus a masterclass on how to source and work with a logo designer should you choose that route.  

Brand touch-points and consistency; website, social platform, brand shoot planning

Consistency is key when building a brand, so let me take you through the steps on how to show up on various channels and plan that all important brand shoot.

Your big brand launch - launch campaigns/ content and staying true to brand you 

Creating a brand is one thing, building it is another. I'll take you through the steps to build you brand and launch it to the world with a bang.

Everything you need to succeed is included in the Power of Your Brand®

An 8 week brand coaching experience 


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8 Week Brand Plan 

You’ll get your hands on an incredibly easy-to-follow, day-by-day plan to help you create, build and launch brand YOU (and how to move through each stage). You’ll also get a bonus catch-up call to kick off the new year and make 2020 your time!



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Live Coaching Calls & recordings

This a unique branding experience, featuring a combination of training videos and weekly live coaching. The coaching  sessions are there to answer all of your questions so you can dive into this work with confidence.Every single live session is recorded, so if for any reason you can’t attend live, you won’t be missing out!


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Step by Step Training 

There are soooo many important elements involved when building a next level brand - the video training portion of this experience has been designed to take you through the whole process in a way that’s jargon free and easy to understand.




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Brand Templates 

You’ll get access to a library of templates to help you create brand YOU and launch yourself to the world, from website wireframes to design briefs. You’ll also be taught how to use these so you can create a brand like the pro you are.


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Student Community 

You’re not just going to have me by your side as you build your brand, you’re also going to be surrounded by a friendly, inspiring community of business owners on a similar journey. We’ll have a private Facebook group for the program so that you can easily connect with each other.

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Time Stamped Feedback Sessions

I'll be running feedback sessions to help you to make all the tweaks needed  and you’ll also get the opportunity to apply for a hot seat , where you'll have my eyes on your brand to gain valuable insights to take you to the heights of brand fame.

What The Power of Your Brand® program can do for your business

Meet Holly, a VIP student of 2019..


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Here's what Holly had to about the program:

"You know when you know you need something, but you're not sure what? Your business is doing pretty well, but there's just that thing missing?

Deborah is that thing!

Working through the program hasn't just given me a logo, it's given my business rock solid foundations to build on - no ifs, buts or maybes, but pure facts... what my superpower is, where I sit in the market and really understanding my people.

The clarity I've now got on exactly what my brand is, what I'm saying, how I'm saying it, who I'm saying it to and more importantly my why is mind blowingly powerful!

I always bang on about how 'doing the work' isn't enough. We have to do the 'right' work to get to where we want to be. There's so much gubbins out there about branding, it's hard to know what's fluff and what's not. I love how Deborah cuts through the bullshit and gets straight to what's going to make the difference. 

As soon as I relaunched my brand, the results were evident and tangible. I absolutely know there's nothing I can't do and nowhere I can't go with The Instagram Queen now, and that right there is bloody exciting!



  • Most successful membership launch to date
  • More than tripled monthly income (almost quadrupled it)
  • At full capacity for one of my services
  • Organic lead to sale conversion rate is now 97% (no time wasters)

Not tangible:

  • Super clear what my message is
  • Not afraid to share it
  • Know exactly who I'm serving, how I'm serving them and why - based on fact
  • Bloody love the whole brand ID/personality - it's never oozed outta my pores with such purity"

Holly Barras, The Instagram Queen

When you join you get these bonuses worth £2,448

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Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Prices

With Rose Radford; wealth mentor. Rose is obsessed with helping female business owners unlock their earning potential through simple business strategy and Inner Wealth Work®.

As a former McKinsey strategy consultant and trained coach, Rose equips her clients with the tools they need to create more wealth, personal freedom and limitless success in their life and business.

In this masterclass Rose will be teaching you the 'Three Easy Ways to Powerfully Price Your Offers To Land More Clients (Without EVER Discounting!)"

Value £550


Creating the Customer Journey on your Website

With Jennifer Fruehauf; Customer & Strategy Consultant

Jennifer Fruehauf is a digital and retail strategy consultant, helping consumer-facing brands deliver shopping experiences that engage customers and drive commercial value. With a career spanning international blue chip companies and technology start-ups in Toronto, London and now Amsterdam, Jennifer brings expertise in customer experience and engagement across consumer multiple sectors.

This Masterclass will give you practical tips on building a website that not only speaks to your audience but gets them to engage with your brand so you can convert them into buying from you.

Value £770

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Brand Launch With Ease

With Ads Strategist and Coach; Rebecca Thatcher

With over 10 years of big brand experience, having spent thousands of hours and million of dollars on Facebook™ad campaigns, I know how to create meaningful connections between you and your next client with ease – and absolutely zero sleaze! 

Whether you’re new to paid social or you’ve been dabbling in Ads Manager for a while, she's here to help you make sense of using advertising to build your brand.

Value £299

Bulletproof Your Beliefs

With Charlotte Pridmore- Transformation Coach 

Building brand 'you' often leads to hitting your upper limits. With Charlotte onboard she's hellbent on bulletproofing your beliefs.

In this masterclass we will look at how your 'story' creates and supports your limiting beliefs and how you turn them right on their head. 

There are many lies we tell ourselves to keep us small. It can be hard to hear it but that is a choice. When we embrace that choice we can do anything.

 Value £299

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Daily Dose Of Woo

This work is deep and I want you feel supported in every way possible, so I have teamed with energy expert, Amanda Farrar, Soul Aligned Mentor to create a meditiation per modules to help you release any blocks and and get you in the right mindset.

Amanda Farrar has over 20 years experience as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Hypnotherapist and Law Of Attraction Teacher is an expert at helping spiritual female coaches, changemakers and light-workers to come into alignment and tune to the infinite wisdom within them, so that they can harness this power to energetically attract Soul Aligned Clients.

Value £ 550

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Students of The Power of Your Brand® 

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Shari Teigman


When I signed up for Power Of Your Brand, I was thinking I already knew what my brand was and just needed to pull together some final bits. Oh was I wrong!

Deborah led the whole group as though we each had 1:1 coaching- she helped us dive deep back the superficial levels of what we do into who we want to be in our work and how we want that represented in the world.

Each week was another layer both of learning AND doing. Deborah’s knowledge base as well as the ability to simplify and teach amazed me. The worksheets challenged me to ask myself questions that my business and my audience deserve. Deborah’s kind and supportive way helped us all strive harder to do the work each week, giving us practical feedback at every step of the way with no stone unturned.

I’ve done many group programs and Power of Your Brand blew them all out of the water.


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Rachel Flower


There isn't much that Deborah doesn't know about the world of branding, with her significant expertise and experience gained working with big corporate clients and running her own agency. The fact that she is now focussing and dedicating this expertise to helping women in business is a precious gift. business owner herself. I love how she "sees" the potential and the possibility for her clients and encourages us to dream bigger and create a brand which supports growth and sustainability. The world needs more powerful women with branding that helps their businesses to stand out and help people for all the right reasons, and Deborah shines a light by being that woman herself too. She really cares about her clients and this is beautiful to see.


It has helped me to think more broadly about who I am, what I stand for and where I want my business to be.

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Elizabeth Brass


Working with Deborah is an amazing and rewarding experience. She is kind, knowledgeable, and generous with her expertise.

She led me in a process of self reflection and discovery that resulted in a brand that feels true to me and my work.

I am empowered and excited to bring it all out to the world.

Deborah goes the extra mile and digs deep to understand each person's unique vision, personality, and talents and creates brand's that connect and resonate.

Working with her was my best investment since working with you I have clarity in my values, message, and how to express myself.

My brand feels like a part of me rather something separate. 

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Amy Goodall

Deborah was amazing throughout this Program. She honestly cares about you getting results and there's no danger of you fading into the background but prepare to work hard!

This is exactly what I needed - someone to say - no, go away and think about it again - that's when lightbulbs went on, corners were turned and pennies dropped with massive huge clangs. She really is the brand expert - if you're a fledging brand, do her program, you really won't regret it!

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Chelsea Green

I feel much more confident in knowing who I am, who my audience are and how to speak to them.

Deborah's experience and expertise combined with her generous and supportive nature makes her one in a million - a truly rare find in the online world. 

Through the Power of Your Brand program I learnt so much about myself, my brand and my audience, it has been invaluable. 

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Aggie Wojciechowska

Working with Deborah in the group coaching program has been a fantastic experience that has helped me achieve real results. I have finally managed to move my business forward by gaining clarity in branding and who I truly want to serve in my business.

I was most impressed with the attention received from Deborah and the personalized feedback received every week!

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Petra Irving

The program has given me clarity on who I'm targeting, what I'm offering, and who I am.
I've evolved throughout the program and am still doing so.
I am SUPER excited about my new business and what this year will bring - It exceeded my expectations.
Eye opening, informative, professional, stressful, a bit mind blowing but overall, pretty damn good!
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Nila Mistry 

Working with Deborah via the online group coaching program has been amazing and invaluable.
I have become more confident with my business and how I want to communicate with my clients.
I have a clear strategy and goals that I know I will achieve by the end of 2020 if not before.
I would highly recommend working with Deborah as in the same way you have to give your money meaning for it to feel alive, you get to give meaning to your business and this radiates your 'Why'.
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Jo Bradley 

I’ve loved it and am so grateful that I’ve got the outcome I wanted. Confidence and clarity. Can’t thank you enough.
Everything’s becoming more aligned. website visual, copy and the messages I deliver. It’s come from confidence.
I hadn’t realised how much confidence this program would give me. Before it, I’d spend ages considering what to write, what to post, who to talk to and now I’m so much clearer and confident. There’s lots of work involved but it’s necessary work to evolve. From a caterpillar to a butterfly - ready to fly!

Upgrade to the VIP Experience 

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​A hand holding experience where you  get my my eyes on the strategy to check your work to ensure you've got your strategy right

Power up your Power of Your Brand® experience and grab one of the 5 VIP spots and get:

  • Everything included in the full 8-week program

  • A kick off 30 minute clarity session call to check your blindspots an discuss your opportunities

  • A  60 minute strategy session to check your brand model

  • A 30 minute Brand launch tactic session to help you implement your new brand

Grab one of my 2 remaining spots and let me create and design your brand with

'The VIP Design Package'

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Power up your Power of Your Brand® experience and grab one of the 5 VIP spots and get:

  • Everything included in the full 8-week program
  • A kick off 30 minute clarity session call to check your blindspots an discuss your opportunities
  • A 60 minute strategy session to check your brand model
  • A 30 minute Brand launch tactic session to help you implement your new brand
  • The 8 week program experience
  • A done-for-you visual ID, including your logo, colours ,font choices and sub-marks
  • Your final logo files and brand board
  • Creative management throughout the process


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  • You’re coachable and have an attitude of “I’m ready to be brave and go all in”.
  • You’re sick of online courses - this IS NOT a course, it’s a coaching program.

  • You’ve been burned in the past by programs that don’t work, ripped off my “gurus” and need a mentor onside that you can trust.

  • You won’t quit if it doesn’t look like things are working right away.

  • You want coaching and training that will help you implement change AND you’re willing to put in the work required.

  • You’re tired of all the online marketing and branding BS - you want to create a brand that feels great to you and your audience.

Placeholder Image
  • You don’t want to use the tried and tested process and want don’t want a helping hand

  • You’d prefer a ‘Yes Man’ approach coach not someone who will help guide you challenge you if needed to gain the results 

  • You want instant results.

  • You want your brand done and dusted in 7 days. Deep work takes time, with research and insight!

  • You don’t fully believe in your product, service or business. Integrity is important - if you’re not sure you can deliver results, you shouldn’t be selling anything yet.

  • You want the 1:1 experience with me working on your brand - if that’s what you want, take a look at the VIP option or shoot me a DM.

Not sure if it's right for you? Ask before you join...

Book A Call

All this for just...

Your Investment Options









Start today for just


Or pay in full at £997 - save £185 Program includes:

  • 8 week launch plan

  • Step by step training

  • Live coaching calls

  • Student Community

  • Brand swipes and templates

  • Time stamped feedback sessions

  • Weekly coaching sessions

  • All live call recordings

  • Bonuses worth  £2,448

VIP Experience, start today for


Plus 4 monthly payments Or pay in full at £1,997 - save £199. Program includes:

  • Everything that's included in the 8 week brand program

  • Bonuses worth £2,448

My eyes on your work 

  • 30 min clarity call
  • 60 min strategy session 
  • 30 brand tactics session

VIP Experience + Design Package 2 monthly payments of


Or pay in full at £2,997 - save £297 Program includes

  • Everything that's included in the 8 week launch plan

  • Bonuses worth £2,448

  • All the VIP sessions 

Plus work with me 1:1 on your brand design 

  • A done-for-you visual ID, including your logo, colours, font choices and sub-marks
  • Your final logo files and brand board
  • Creative management throughout the process 

You're in great hands here.....

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​"When I first spoke with Deborah about my brand I had no idea of the depth of work or the depth of the results I would get . When she first presented her strategy to me I cried. She'd pulled out things I hadn't even vocalised as they weren't yet clear to me, things that I stand for, things that mean a lot to me. It takes talent to do that, and a true understanding of 'brand'. To others looking at the update you may just see the new logo and design elements, but it's in the brand positioning and essence that the real change comes.  This will flow through my marketing and content and, hopefully, connect with my community and clients on a deeper level.

She bloody gets it! And she brings in a depth of strategy you don't tend to find with her competitors. It helps that she has a proven agency background and that she totally gets me."

Gemma Went,Business Mentor + Growth Strategist

“Integrity, experience, excitement and passion. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Deborah.

I hired Deborah as a coach at the beginning of this year after hearing her speak at an event.

She helped crystallise my vision for my new business.

Her insight and knowledge are fantastic and she's enjoyable to work with.

She's created a strategy for me, brand identity, website and helped bring my brand shoot to life. I handed my notice in and launched my brand that very month, picking up 2 dream clients and a contact within weeks

I have no doubt building my brand has led my to the success I am seeing in my business.”

Nicole Higgins, The Buyer & Retail Coach™

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"Deborah has magical powers when it comes to identifying the perfect messaging for your brand. Not only does it feel completely aligned with you, but it also attracts your dream-boat clients too!I was struggling to create content for my audience because I wasn’t 100% clear on my brand messaging. Deborah has tapped into my zone of genius and created a brand strategy that has blown me away.If you seek clarity with your branding, you absolutely need THE Brand Coach™!"

Rebecca Thatcher, Facebook Ad Strategist & Coach

Not sure if it's right for you? Ask before you join...

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Content creation and templates

Your chance to get my help on your content with this awesome behind the scenes workshop 

Grab my templates and let me guide you on how to design and  create brand building  show stopping  content 

Only £247

when you purchase the program 

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