SoulTruth Activation three-minute daily practice  

Connect with the truest form of you that has been lying dormant, waiting for you... 

Download this three-minute activation and commit to your practice once a day, either first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. Set the intention to connect to your soul. After this practice, ask yourself.

What is my truth?

What is my reason for being?

What energetic capabilities do I have to fulfil this?

 Keep with the practice until the answers become more evident. You may experience answers either via dreams, visions, words or simply a 'knowing'. Don't be surprised if you receive through songs; you may hear music in your head for no apparent reason.

Songs are a common way of communication when there is resistance. , so if a song suddenly pops into your head, make sure to look up the lyrics.

This activation takes trust, practice and patience, but keep going with it; it's so worth it.

Download your free activation practice here. And tag me on Instagram @deborahogrady and let me know what comes up for you; I love hearing your stories. 

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