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Imagine having the clarity of knowing who you are on a soul level and creating a brand based on all that you are to attract clients you love working with on autopilot. 

Let me personally guide you in The House of Clarity®; a 12-week brand transformation program to create an authentic brand based on your unique soul design and take it to market with a signature offer you can sell confidently and with excitement.

With weekly brand coaching and energetic sessions, activations, strategic training resources plus the best in the industry guest experts, we blend the inner being work with the outer doing to create a quantum leap in your business growing something you can scale with authenticity, that’s uniquely yours.


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You're looking to gain clarity to create solid business foundations to build a brand and grow your online business.

The House of Clarity® is a 12-week program to gain the clarity to create a brand and get it to market with a signature offer you can sell confidently.

Whether you are straight out of corporate, a personal or a heartfelt product brand, my proven framework will help you strategically position yourself in the marketplace to attract an audience of buyers.

With training resources, brand coaching each week, the best in the industry guest experts and your resident energetic coach, you have everything you need to create a truly stand out brand, and become a conscious business owner growing something you can scale without selling your soul. 



The Power of Your Brand® takes you through my Brand Truth™ framework, the very framework I take my private clients through. This 6-month brand incubator means I'm with you on your journey to create, launch and build your purpose-driven brand.  

In this program, I will show you how to build a brand that you can scale. Step-by-step training that attracts your ideal clients, represents your authentic gifts, communicates your unique essence and stands out in the overcrowded online market.

This interactive and transformational experience will help you relook at your whole business from the very foundations; your brand. With instant access, you can create your purpose-driven brand in your own time and with live coaching sessions for 6 months, I'm here to help you launch and implement your brand. And with a private student community and guest experts, you have everything you need to create an aligned business, a stellar brand and the life that you're ready to step into. 

You know things need to change when...

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Group Coaching

To drive momentum and support you

Monthly 1-2-1 Calls with your Freedom Coach
Weekly group mindset/strategy sessions

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Keep the quantum fields in check

Weekly Quantum flow & subconscious reprogramming sessions

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SoulTruth Strategy 

A library to help you in your expansion

Access to hundreds of hours of top-level business strategies & mindset videos

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Your new network of like-minded cheerleaders

Access to a private, members-only Facebook group

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A library to help you in your expansion

Access to hundreds of hours of top-level business strategies & mindset videos

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"I've not yet launched and I've sold three 1:1's on the back of the work I've done with Deborah and launched my new group program with success."

“When I first spoke to Deborah, I was drowning in flipchart paper, trying to choose my client, my offering, and decide whether to go corporate or individual or both with my products.

I was overwhelmed and stuck. Deborah's process led me clearly through the steps I needed to become clear on who it made most sense to serve, how to serve them and how to position myself with a difference, highlighting my unique strengths. I'm thrilled with the brand we've created, and can't wait to share it with the world. The flip chart paper is recycled, the plan is clear and the path ahead is already filling up with dream clients. I'm excited for the future and thrilled with the results my clients are already having. My new business offering will draw in the right people who will get fabulous results, and that's down in part to the foundation I got clear on with Deborah“

Anne D Ferguson Brand Language Specialist



When I signed up for Power Of Your Brand, I was thinking I already knew what my brand was and just needed to pull together some final bits. Oh was I wrong!

Deborah led the whole group as though we each had 1:1 coaching- she helped us dive deep back the superficial levels of what we do into who we want to be in our work and how we want that represented in the world.

Each week was another layer both of learning AND doing. Deborah’s knowledge base as well as the ability to simplify and teach amazed me. The worksheets challenged me to ask myself questions that my business and my audience deserve. Deborah’s kind and supportive way helped us all strive harder to do the work each week, giving us practical feedback at every step of the way with no stone unturned.

I’ve done many group programs and Power of Your Brand blew them all out of the water.

Shari Teigman, Performance Mentor + Creative Strategist


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Deborah was amazing throughout this Program. She honestly cares about you getting results and there's no danger of you fading into the background but prepare to work hard!

This is exactly what I needed - someone to say  "no, go away and think about it again" - that's when lightbulbs went on, corners were turned and pennies dropped with massive huge clangs. She really is the brand expert - if you're a fledging brand, do her program, you really won't regret it!

Amy Goodhall; Founder Ishouldb

I feel much more confident in knowing who I am, who my audience is and how to speak to them.

Deborah's experience and expertise combined with her generous and supportive nature makes her one in a million - a truly rare find in the online world. 

Through the Power of Your Brand program I learnt so much about myself, my brand and my audience, it has been invaluable. 

Chelsea Green; Holistic Hormone Specialist

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“The Power of Your Brand exceeded all my expectations, and has left me with a beautifully raw and real representation of who I am at my core, it feels like it has taken me to another level.

It's as if the missing cornerstone that holds everything else up is now finally in place!”

Kim ParkerTransformational Coach

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